As with everything flying kites has an element of risk but by having some common sense and being aware of the risks you can minimise the chance to injury to yourself and others.


Traction activities are defined as any activity using a kite which is generating enough power to pull you from a static position.


  • INSURANCE – 3rd party liability insurance is a prerequisite for all traction activities
  • HELMETS – These must be worn for all traction activities
  • SAFETY LEASHES – Some form of reliable kite killer or kite leash must be used at all times for all traction kites so kites can be de-powered in emergencies
  • STAKES – Kite stakes which are not in use must be removed from the ground and placed flat or put away


  • Power and Traction Kites are inherently dangerous & may cause serious injury or even death. You take part in all club activities at your own risk
  • All under-16s MUST be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • Anyone who wishes to take part in any power kite related activities should be fit and in good health. If you have an existing or old injury you should not risk flying
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs should NOT attempt to participate in any kite sport
  • NEVER fly kites in thunderstorms, near power lines, roads, flight paths, railways or any other traffic route
  • Keep away from walls, fences and all other obstacle
  • Beware of the concrete posts in the middle of Sheffield’s Lodge Moor flying site
  • NEVER FLY KITES OVER OR NEAR OTHER PEOPLE as this could cause alarm, injury or worse to people or animals
  • NEVER BUGGY or MOUNTAIN BOARD NEAR OTHER PEOPLE as this could cause alarm, injury or worse to people or animals
  • NEVER walk, fly, buggy or board in front of another kite flier or under their lines
  • Lines under tension are potentially dangerous. If people walk under where you are flying, they may not be aware of the dangers. Cease the activity until they have passed
  • Be aware of equipment lying around. Especially kite stakes and lines which may not be clearly visible. NEVER unpack your kite before your lines if the lines are attached to the kite and ALWAYS pack your kite away before your lines
  • The fields we use are public spaces – show consideration and keep away from other users, in particular small children, horses and dogs. Shout a warning alerting others to your presence if necessary. If in doubt, cease the activity until it is safe to continue.
  • Only fly your kite in wind strengths where you remain in full control.
  • Always check your equipment for damage prior to use.

Spatial use of the field

  • The first kite flier to arrive should assess the site and choose the best flying area. They should then set up OUT OF and UPWIND of this area. The aim is to leave the main flying area clear of obstructions. The above set up is particularly important at Sheffield’s Lodge Moor flying site
  • Trick kiters may wish to set up away from the power kiters and it is recommended that they do so upwind of power kiters

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.